All of our services, from “start to finish” are structured within our Triple Play Production method, conversely, all our production sites are Triple Play Zones. From Residential single family homes, condominium, office, retail, commercial or industrial,
all projects are reviewed and carefully planned prior to arriving at the job site.
• Entrances are secured. • Whenever applicable, furnishings can be removed and placed to unaffected areas. • Our Quality Protection Controls seal off rooms, areas and items from potential dust or debris. 
• Floor moldings, doors or anything that would compromise the floor removal process will be removed. • Our “back to front” protocols begin and removed flooring is quickly taken from work area. 
• Following the main floor removal, we scrape or shave away the under lying  materials down to the bare surface.

• Our final inspections include sweeping and vacuuming loose particles and hauling away all removed items. 
• Our environmentally friendly, battery operated floor scrapers, designed for low vibration and noise are leading the way towards making our jobsites a cleaner and more cost effective alternative. 
BOTTOM ZUPP services all types of floor removal projects, cost effectively removing Ceramic Tile, Hardwood Floors, VCT, Vinyl, River Rock and Glued Carpet. Flooring  Contractors , Home Owners and many others with a wide variety of floor surface removal needs endorse BOTTOM ZUPP
We'll keep you on schedule and on budget.