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What Our Customers Say

Hi Dave,
Thank you for the high quality customer service and a job well done! From the date of our first contact you were prompt and professional. My phone calls and emails were answered promptly and courteously. You were patient and flexible while I waited on materials and a delayed instillation. I really appreciate that!
The productions manager that came to my home the day the floors were being removed was polite and very customer focused. He made sure all aspects of the job were clarified and communicated to the laborers performing the work. I know this minimized any possibility of mistakes.
What can I say about the men who spent the day removing almost 900 sq ft of tile and carpet? I know it is back breaking work that requires attention to detail. There was a particularly attentive and helpful worker. His name was Brandon. From the moment he came into my home he handled my property with care. He made it a point to explain in detail what he was going to do and what measures he would take to minimize any damage and dust to other parts of my house. At one point he put a small hole in a closet wall while trying to maneuver the equipment in a very small space. He could have left the hole and went about his business. But instead he told me about the incident,  patched it, and made sure the repair was to my satisfaction.  He was the last one out of my house that day. He wanted to make sure he went over the counter tops at least one time for dust, swept and vacuumed the small piles left in the hall.  All of the crew members worked hard from 8:30am to almost 6pm. I know that is hard labor and I really appreciate their efforts.
I am not surprised that Bottom Zupp has the wonderful reputation it does.



Hurst Hardwood Flooring used your firm to remove my tile floors (900 sq. ft.). I just wanted to take time to let you know what an incredible job your crew did last Thursday. They were very thorough covering everything and moving that huge machine around without even a single smudge on my walls. As you know, your type of work is messy, but they did a great job containing as much dust as possible with a great clean up afterwards.

Again thanks for a job well done that far exceeded my expectations.


Wesley Chapel, FL